It’s a scorcher!

In English it’s very common to talk about the weather as it’s so unpredictable! Do you know these expressions to talk about the heat? Can you think of any more?

To say that the weather is hot we can use:

It’s a scorcher – Hace un calor abrumador

38°C – it’s a scorcher today!

It’s sweltering – Hace un calor sofocante

Let´s go to the pool to cool down – it’s sweltering!

It’s boiling – Está hirviendo

It’s boiling – I need a cold drink!

It’s so hot you could fry an egg…. – Hace tanto calor que podrías freír un huevo (en la acera)

It’s so hot today you could fry an egg on the pavement!

To say that we feel hot we can use:

It’s like an oven in here – Está cómo un horno aquí dentro

Put the air conditioning on – it’s like an oven in here!

I’m roasting! – Me estoy asando

I can’t stand this heat, I’m roasting!

I’m melting! – Me derrito de calor

It’s so hot today – I’m melting!

To learn more expressions to talk about the weather listen to the podcast Talking about the weather on this app!



Prepositions of time

Do you know when we use IN, ON or AT to talk about time?

We use IN with: years, decades, months, seasons, centuries, parts of the day (except night) and periods of time (dentro de)

I was born in 1975.

My birthday is in March.

I love going skiing in the winter.

I´ll be ready in ten minutes!

 We use ON with: days of the week, dates and special days

I´m going on holiday on Saturday.

My son was born on 10th February, 2010.

Do you usually visit family on Christmas Eve?

 We use AT with: times of day, mealtimes, holiday periods and night, the moment and the weekend

I start work at 8am.

Call me at lunchtime – I´m busy now.

What are you doing at the weekend?

I always visit my family at Christmas and at Easter.

You can practise prepositions of time in Module 1 Unit 4B on this app!






International Friendship Day

The 30th of July is International Friendship Day. Let´s look at some phrasal verbs and expressions to talk about friendship:

Get on well – llevarse bien

Do you get on well with your new housemates?

Get on like a house on fire – llevarse de maravilla

My best friend and I get on like a house on fire – I´m never bored when we´re together.

Hang out – pasar un rato

At the weekends, I hang out with my friends.

Meet up – quedar/reunirse (con amigos)

I´m meeting up with an old friend this afternoon – I haven´t seen her in ages!

 Count on – contar con

I can always count on my friends – they are so reliable and always help me when I have a problem.

You can learn more about relationships and getting on well in Module 9, Unit 2 on this app!





Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

A British pastime in the summer is spending the day at the seaside. You can walk along the pier, eat fish and chips on the beach (but watch out for the hungry seagulls!), build a sandcastle, collect shells and there are often donkey rides for the children.

The pier – el muelle

Brighton pier is one of the main attractions in Brighton.

Seagulls – gaviotas

Don´t feed the seagulls at the seaside – they can get aggressive!

Donkey rides – paseos en burro

Kids love donkey rides on the beach!

You can see a typical British seaside town in That´s Britain! Module 9, Unit 7B on this app!



The sun has got his hat on!

Summer is here and the sun has got his hat on (sale el sol)! The days are longer and we can spend more time outdoors.

What are you favourite summer activities?

  • Water fights
  • Going to the beach
  • Having a picnic
  • Having a barbecue
  • Eating ice-cream
  • Swimming
  • Reading a good book

You can revise leisure activities in Module 6, Unit 7 on this app.


It suits you vs it fits you!

Last week we saw some expressions related to shopping. Do you know the difference between clothes that fit you and clothes that suit you?

Sth + suit(s) + object pronoun – queda/sienta bien

You look great in that dress! The style really suits you!

This yellow t-shirt really doesn´t suit me – my skin is too pale!

Sth + fit(s) + object pronoun – queda bien de tamaño

These shoes fit me perfectly! I don´t need a bigger size.

That shirt doesn´t fit you – it´s too tight!

You can practice suits vs fits and learn more about shopping for clothes in module 3, unit 6 on this app.

Shopping online

Have you been shopping online more recently?

The benefits of shopping online are that you can try things on at home avoiding dirty and uncomfortable changing rooms, if you don´t like what you buy it´s easy to send it back and get your money back thanks to free returns and you can easily shop around to find the best offer – all from the comfort of your sofa!

You can learn more about shopping in module 8, unit 4.

Try it on – probarse

This dress looks big – I need to try it on to see if it fits!

Send it back – devolver algo

This book isn´t the one I ordered – I´m going to send it back!

 Get (your money) back – recuperar tu dinero

When you return a product you can exchange it or get your money back.

  Shop around – comparar precios

I want to buy a new laptop so I´m shopping around to get the best price!

With the sales (las rebajas) starting this week you´re sure to find a bargain!

The new «normal»

With the end of the state of emergency we now have to get used to the new normal of wearing masks in public and social distancing while getting into the swing of socialising without two kisses and, for many, going back to work.

How are you finding the new ‘normal’?

Get used to (+ -ing or noun) = acostumbrarse a

I’m getting used to working from home.

Get into the swing of (things or + -ing) = habituarse/coger el ritmo

After three months at home, it will take a while to get into the swing of going out again.

 Go back = volver

I will go back to work in the office three days a week.

Remember to stay safe!


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