A Spring Poem

And Now It’s Spring

The grass is green across the hill,
But yellow blooms the daffodil*.
It’s sunshine on a little stalk,
A friendly flower, I bet they talk…

Of little kids, too long inside
They burst outdoors to play and hide.
Tracking mud and bringing bugs.
Look, there’s footprints on the rug!

Tiny whirlwinds, these little tykes,
They skin their knees while riding bikes.
They rip and roar, they’re running wild!
What fun it is to be a child.

It grows warmer every day.
Shoo the children out to play!
Pick the flowers, play in mud.
Too much rain, here comes a flood!

My snowy, winter days are gone.
I mourn them, but I hear a song
Of birds in trees; wind chimes ring.
I guess it might as well be spring!

By L.H.Theaker

*daffodil = narciso (es una flor muy típica de primavera en reino unido)


bloom (v) = florecer

stalk (n) = tallo (de una flor)

tykes (n) = chiquillos (informal)

skin (their knees) (v) = depellejarse

rip and roar (v) = montar un escándolo

mourn (v) = estar de luto/lamentar

wind chimes (n) = carillón

(v) = verb, (n) = noun