A summer barbecue

There are just a couple of weeks left of August so why not have a summer barbecue? The USA and Australia are well-known for their love of the bbq with grilled meats, coleslaw, meat and vegetables on skewers, salads, burgers and sausages.

bbq – barbecue* = barbacoa

Let’s have a barbecue this weekend!

I’m going to barbecue some chicken.

*barbecue can be a verb meaning to cook on an outside grill, a noun to mean the grill itself and a noun to mean the event of gathering to cook on a barbecue. It can also be used as an adjective – barbecued. 

grilled meats = carne a la parrilla/ a la barbacoa

Let´s grill this steak on the barbecue! Barbecued steak is delicious!

coleslaw = ensalada de col

I need carrots, cabbage, mayonnaise and vinegar to make some coleslaw.

skewers = brochetas

I love vegetable and prawn skewers. 

You can learn more about cooking in Module 5, Unit 7 on this app!