April showers

In the month of April there are frequent, short periods of rain which we call April showers – they are usually unexpected so you need a raincoat or an umbrella! An April shower can be a drizzle or a downpour so your spring plans, especially picnics, can get rained off… but as they say “April showers bring May flowers”.

Can you think of any more expressions to talk about the rain?

April showers = en abril, aguas mil (lluvias cortas pero frecuentes)

Remember to take a jacket – you don’t want to get caught out by April showers.

Drizzle = llovizna

Let’s drive to the supermarket – it’s drizzling.

Downpour = aguacero

I got caught in the downpour – I’m soaking*

*soaking = empapado

I am soaked to the skin – mojado hasta los huesos

 Rained off = cancelado por lluvia

Lily’s birthday picnic was rained off.