As vs like

As and like are two words that are often confused. Both can be prepositions or conjunctions.

As a preposition, like means similar to, especially when we compare appearance or behaviour:

Who do you look like? Your mother or your father?

I look like my mum because I have blond hair and blue eyes. However, I’m not like her because we have very different personalities – she is very calm and I am very nervous.

Like also means in the same way as:

Like my sister, I am studying medicine because I want to become a paediatrician.

As means in the role/capacity of and is often used to talk about jobs:

When he finished his degree in architecture he worked as a waiter for three years before he managed to find a job as a project manager in a construction company.

When used as a conjunction as and like have the same meaning when used to make a comparison. Like is more informal:

My husband loves sushi, as/like I do.

My brother has his That’s English! class on Monday, as/like I do.