Burns Supper


A Burns Supper is a Scottish celebration held on the evening of 25th January to celebrate the life of Robert Burns, regarded as Scotland’s national poet.

A traditional Burns Supper consists of:

First course:

Scotch broth = beef stock with pearl barley and vegetables (caldo de carne con granos de cebada y verduras).

Main course:

Haggis = heart, liver and lungs of a sheep or calf boiled in the animal’s stomach with onions and suet (el corazón, el hígado y los pulmones de una oveja o una ternera, cocinado en el estómago del animal con cebolla y sebo).

The haggis is accompanied by neeps = mashed potato (puré de patata) and tatties = swede (nabo sueco)


Cranachan = a traditional dessert made with raspberries, oatmeal, honey, whipped cream and whiskey (un postre hecho de frambuesas, avena, miel, nata montada y whiskey).

At the end of the meal different toasts (brindis) will be made with whiskey, and traditional songs will be played on the bagpipes (la gaita).