Carnival vocabulary

This week is Carnival week in many places around the world, although this year the events will be virtual. The most famous celebrations are in Brasil, Tenerife, Venice and New Orleans (Mardi Gras). These celebrations coincide with the beginning of Lent and traditionally people would celebrate with food and drink before fasting*.

Carnival is a colourful event with parades, beautifully decorated floats, dancers and of course costumes. Do you enjoy carnival? Do you dress up?

*fasting = el ayuno

Lent = cuaresma

I’m going to stop eating chocolate for Lent.

 Parades = desfiles

I would love to visit Brasil during carnival to watch the extravagant parades.

Floats = carrozas

During Mardi Gras, small gifts called throws (beads**, trinkets*** and small toys) are thrown from the floats into the crowds.

**beads – abalorios  *** trinkets – baratijas

Dancers = bailarines

Thousands of Samba dancers take part in the Brasil carnival.

Costumes = disfraces

My favourite part of the costumes in Venice are the beautiful masks.

Dress up = disfrazarse

Children always dress up for the school carnival parties here in Spain.

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