Blue Monday

The 18th January is Blue Monday (the third Monday in January) – the saddest day of the year. Why is it the saddest day of the year? According to the psychologist Cliff Arnall it is a combination of the end of the festive period, the cold weather, having less money after Christmas and a lack of motivation post-holidays.

Do you get the winter blues? How do you cheer yourself up when you’re feeling blue?

The winter blues = depression invernal

It’s so dark and cold outside – the lack of light gives me the winter blues.

 Cheer up = animarse

Sitting by the fire reading a good book always cheers me up.

To feel blue = estar deprimido

My brother has been feeling blue since he lost his job last month.


Listen to the podcast Autumn blues on this app for some mood boosting tips!





Brrr….it’s cold!

Do you know these expressions to talk about the cold weather? Can you think of any more?

We can use these expressions to say it’s cold:

It´s chilly!

It’s nippy!

Take a coat, it’s chilly/nippy outside!


It’s very cold:

It’s freezing!

Turn the heating up, it’s freezing in here!

It’s bitterly cold!

Brrr, it’s bitterly cold today – I think it might snow again!


It’s extremely cold:

It’s below zero!

I had to scrape the ice off my car this morning – it’s below zero and frosty*!

It’s arctic!

I’m going to stay in my pyjamas and watch a movie by the fire – it’s arctic outside!

*frosty = escarchado

Stay safe and be careful with the ice and snow!




The Three Kings

The Three Kings

By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Three Kings came riding from far away,

Melchior and Gaspar and Baltasar;

Three Wise Men out of the East were they,

And they travelled by night and they slept by day,

For their guide was a beautiful, wonderful star.





Happy New Year!

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” Anne Frank

The That’s English! team wish you a Happy New Year! Let’s raise a toast (hacer un brindis) to a prosperous 2021!



Deck the halls…

Christmas is coming and it’s time to deck the halls… which means decorate! Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? Is your house covered in fairy lights? Today we bring you some Christmas decorations vocabulary.

Put the Christmas tree up / put up the Christmas tree = poner el árbol de Navidad

We’re going to put up the Christmas tree this weekend.

Baubles = bolas de Navidad

What pretty baubles! I love the colours!

Tinsel = guirnalda de oropel

The children put the tinsel on the Christmas tree.

Fairy lights = guirnalda de luces

We’ve put fairy lights in the windows – it looks so pretty.

Mistletoe = muérdago

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?*

*La tradición es colgar muérdago y quienes paran debajo se tienen que besar.

A Christmas wreath = corona de Navidad

My neighbour made me a beautiful Christmas wreath to hang on my door.






Christmas jumper day

This Friday (11th December) is Christmas jumper day in the UK! People wear Christmas jumpers to work and to school – the cheesier* the better – not only to celebrate the festive season but also for charity. People give a donation of £2 and many companies and schools take part in fundraising activities. Do you donate to charity at Christmas?

*cheesy = cursi

Christmas jumper = un jersey de lana con motivos navideños

 Charity = caridad

I think it’s important to give to charity at Christmas.

A donation = un donativo

He’s very generous – he gave a donation of 200€ to a children’s charity.

Donate = donar

I always donate food to the food bank in winter.

Fundraising = recaudar fondos normalmente para un fin benéfico

My office is having a fundraising event next week.






St. Andrew´s Day

The 30th of November is St. Andrew’s Day – the patron saint of Scotland. Scots (The Scottish) celebrate St. Andrew’s Day with traditional Scottish food such as Cullen skink, or lamb or haggis with neeps and tatties. They also take part in Ceilidhs – a traditional Scottish dance and recitals or story-telling. There are also cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions and museums and Edinburgh castle offer free entry.

Cullen skink is a Scottish soup made with potatoes, onions and smoked haddock (Cullen skink es una sopa tradicional escocesa hecha con patatas, cebolla y eglefino ahumado).

Haggis is made with sheep offal (liver, heart, lungs), oats, onions, herbs and spices and it is boiled inside the sheep’s stomach – it is similar to morcilla in texture and colour (parecido a morcilla en color y textura – se cuece dentro del estomago de la oveja las entrañas mezclado con avena, cebolla y especies).

Neeps and tatties is a side dish of mashed potato and mashed parsnip or turnip (es una guarnición de purée de patata y purée de chirivía o nabo).

You can watch some of this year’s St. Andrew’s Day events here:





Black Friday

This Friday (27th November) is Black Friday – when there are big discounts in most shops and online! It started out in the USA – it takes place the day after Thanksgiving – but is now common in most countries. It marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Are you going to look for a bargain this Friday? Is there something you have got your eye on or do you think that Black Friday is a waste of time and money?

Discounts – descuentos

I’m waiting to see if I can get a good discount on a new TV on Black Friday.

 Christmas shopping – compras de navidad

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

 Bargain – una ganga

Do you like my new shoes? They were a bargain- just 30!

Have (got) your eye on – tener la intención de comprar algo que ya has visto

I’ve got my eye on a gorgeous silver watch.

A waste of time and money – una pérdida de tiempo y dinero

I queued for an hour to get a toy my son wanted and two days later it broke! What a waste of time and money!