Christmas jumper day

This Friday (11th December) is Christmas jumper day in the UK! People wear Christmas jumpers to work and to school – the cheesier* the better – not only to celebrate the festive season but also for charity. People give a donation of £2 and many companies and schools take part in fundraising activities. Do you donate to charity at Christmas?

*cheesy = cursi

Christmas jumper = un jersey de lana con motivos navideños

 Charity = caridad

I think it’s important to give to charity at Christmas.

A donation = un donativo

He’s very generous – he gave a donation of 200€ to a children’s charity.

Donate = donar

I always donate food to the food bank in winter.

Fundraising = recaudar fondos normalmente para un fin benéfico

My office is having a fundraising event next week.