Dependent prepositions with adjectives

A dependent preposition is a preposition which ALWAYS follows the same expression. Let’s look at a useful list of dependent prepositions with adjectives (to be + adjective + preposition):

  • addicted to –  He’s addicted to smoking.

  • afraid of – I’m really afraid of snakes

  • ashamed of –  I’m very ashamed of my behaviour. Please forgive me.

  • aware ofAre you aware of the consequences?

  • different fromMy brother is totally different from me.

  • excited aboutI’m so excited about my birthday party!

  • familiar withAre you familiar with Excel?

  • famous forWhat is your city famous for?

  • fond ofMy grandmother is very fond of her little dog.

  • frightened ofAll the pupils are frightened of Mr Jones.

  • interested inI’m interested in ancient history.

  • jealous ofClaire is jealous of Jen because Jen always does better in exams.

  • keen onI’m not keen on horror films.

  • married toDid you know that she’s married to Tim?

  • obsessed withMy daughter is obsessed with TikTok.

  • proud ofWe are all so proud of you for getting your degree.

  • responsible forAt work, I’m responsible for arranging meetings.

  • similar toThis report is very similar to John’s report.

  • worried aboutI’m worried about the meeting with my boss

Remember that dependent prepositions don’t follow a rule as to which preposition to use so we need to learn them and keep practising!

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