Dependent prepositions with verbs


Let’s continue looking at dependent prepositions!

A dependent preposition is a preposition which ALWAYS follows the same expression. Let’s look at a useful list of dependent prepositions with verbs (verb + preposition + complement):

Accuse of – He accused me of lying!

Apply for –Tim has applied for hundreds of jobs.

Approve of – My mum doesn’t approve of my new boyfriend.

Base on –The series is based on the book by Margaret Attwood.

Belong to –This jacket belongs to Phil – he’s forgotten it!

Depend on – I might go swimming later, it depends on what time I finish work.

Insist on – She insisted on repeating the rules again and again.

Invest in – I’m thinking of investing some money in virtual coins.

Listen to – Listen to the recording twice to check your answers.

Look forward to – I’m looking forward to the summer!

Pay for – Lisa paid for everyone’s lunch! It was very generous of her.

Prevent from –The police prevented people from entering the scene of the crime.

Rely on – I can always rely on my husband when I have a problem.

Shout at – Please don’t shout at me!

Smile at – That little girl is smiling at us! How cute!

Specialise in – Elena specialises in family law.

Spend (money) on – She spends a lot of money on eating out.

Suffer from – My grandma suffers from asthma.

Worry about – I’m worried about my son – he never studies.

Remember that dependent prepositions don’t follow a rule as to which preposition to use so we need to learn them and keep practising!


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