I am a student of That’s English!

Now it is easy for you to watch and listen to the videos and audios from your book.

Video on how to use this app

First, go to Contents and find your level: BásicoIntermedio or Avanzado. There you will find the Module and Unit that you are studying. In each learning unit you will find the corresponding videos and audios under the Video and Audio sections. You can download the videos or audios that you want to watch or listen to, using the Download Contents option in the menu.  Remember to delete the downloads that you no longer need, so that you don’t overload your phone’s memory.

You can also listen to our Podcasts. Have fun practising your listening comprehension and broaden your vocabulary on a variety of subjects.

The Recordings section includes a selection of audio tracks from your book, although you have all the tracks, numbered as they appear in your book, in the Audio section.

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