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Video on how to use this app

First, go to Contents which is divided into three levels of difficulty: Básico (A1-A2), Intermedio (B1) and Avanzado (B2) . Once you have chosen your level, you will find three sections Videos, Audios and Recordings.

In the Recordings section you will find a selection, which we have made for you,  of  over 700 That’s English! audios, organised according to level of difficulty. Choose and download your Favourites, and listen to them when you like. Remember to delete from Favourites the downloads you have listened to, so that you don’t overload your phone’s memory.

In Contents you will also find all the videos of the complete That’s English! course, organised according to level of difficulty, which we are sure you will enjoy watching.

You can also listen to our Podcasts and have fun practising your listening comprehension skills and enhance your vocabulary on a variety of subjects.

In the Audios section, you will find all the audios of the complete That’s English! course, which we only recommend for registered students.

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