International Friendship Day

The 30th of July is International Friendship Day. Let´s look at some phrasal verbs and expressions to talk about friendship:

Get on well – llevarse bien

Do you get on well with your new housemates?

Get on like a house on fire – llevarse de maravilla

My best friend and I get on like a house on fire – I´m never bored when we´re together.

Hang out – pasar un rato

At the weekends, I hang out with my friends.

Meet up – quedar/reunirse (con amigos)

I´m meeting up with an old friend this afternoon – I haven´t seen her in ages!

 Count on – contar con

I can always count on my friends – they are so reliable and always help me when I have a problem.

You can learn more about relationships and getting on well in Module 9, Unit 2 on this app!