It’s a scorcher!

In English it’s very common to talk about the weather as it’s so unpredictable! Do you know these expressions to talk about the heat? Can you think of any more?

To say that the weather is hot we can use:

It’s a scorcher – Hace un calor abrumador

38°C – it’s a scorcher today!

It’s sweltering – Hace un calor sofocante

Let´s go to the pool to cool down – it’s sweltering!

It’s boiling – Está hirviendo

It’s boiling – I need a cold drink!

It’s so hot you could fry an egg…. – Hace tanto calor que podrías freír un huevo (en la acera)

It’s so hot today you could fry an egg on the pavement!

To say that we feel hot we can use:

It’s like an oven in here – Está cómo un horno aquí dentro

Put the air conditioning on – it’s like an oven in here!

I’m roasting! – Me estoy asando

I can’t stand this heat, I’m roasting!

I’m melting! – Me derrito de calor

It’s so hot today – I’m melting!

To learn more expressions to talk about the weather listen to the podcast Talking about the weather on this app!