January = a fresh start

January is often the month when people decide to make changes in their lifestyle. Here are some of the idioms that we might use at this time of the year:

Have a new lease of life = to become more energetic

Since my mum started doing Pilates, she’s had a new lease of life.

Turn over a new leaf = to start to behave in a better or more responsible way

He has turned over a new leaf: he has stopped going out every evening and has started to study much harder.

Shake things up = reorganize things

The new boss has really shaken things up in the company. He has replaced the Sales and the Financial Directors.

Go back to square one = go back to where one started, usually when an idea has been unsuccessful

After Christmas he had to go back to square one with his diet, as he had put back on all the weight that he had lost during the autumn.