Make vs do

Make and do can be confusing… when do we use make or do in English if in Spanish they both mean hacer? Don’t worry! That’s English will help you!

We make the bed in the morning and we make lunch…. but we do homework and we do yoga. Can you see the difference? We could say that do focuses on the action or process, whereas make focuses on the outcome or final product.

  • Make es algo que elaboras o fabricas, también se usa para reacciones y planes. Se enfoca en el producto final o el resultado.

  • Do es para acciones, trabajos y actividades. Se enfoca en la acción o proceso.

Here is a helpful list for you to see more collocations with make and do:


·         a cake/cookies

·         a cup of tea

·         breakfast/lunch/dinner

·         a mistake

·         a profit

·         a phone call

·         plans

·         someone cry/happy/angry

·         a suggestion

·         a noise


·         housework

·         the washing up

·         the shopping

·         something right/wrong

·         nothing/something/anything

·         a favour

·         your job

·         business (with)

·         a report/ a project

·         some work