Numbers – how to read dates

To talk about dates in English, the ordinal numbers are used to refer to the day of the month:

We write: New Year’s Day is 1st January.

We say: New Year’s Day is the first of January.

We write: Her birthday is on 29th March.

We say: Her birthday is on the twenty ninth of March.

To talk about years, they are usually divided into two halves:

1984 = nineteen eighty four (19 / 84)

1066 = ten sixty six (10/66)

1999 = nineteen ninety nine (19/99)

However, this changes with the year 2000, which is read two thousand, and the following years up to 2009 (two thousand and nine):

2001 = two thousand and one

2002 = two thousand and two

2003 = two thousand and three

Until we get to 2010 which can be said either way: two thousand and ten or twenty ten.

The same applies to:

2011 = two thousand and eleven or twenty eleven

2012 = two thousand and twelve or twenty twelve

Up to 2019 = two thousand and nineteen or twenty nineteen.