Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is when you do a deep clean of your house, including things you don’t often clean such as the fridge or the curtains and you also get rid of things you don’t need anymore.

How often do you spring clean? Are there any chores that you hate doing?

Cleaning vocabulary:

Deep clean – limpieza profunda

I need to do a deep clean of the kitchen this weekend – the oven and fridge are filthy!

Get rid of – deshacerse de

I usually get rid of old clothes when I do a spring clean.

Chores – tareas domésticas

The chores I hate doing are ironing and washing up!

Dust – quitar el polvo

Don’t forget to dust around the TV!

Vacuum/hoover – pasar la aspiradora

I vacuum/hoover the bedrooms once a week.

Mop – pasar la fregona

I always mop the kitchen floor after dinner.

Tidy up – recoger

What a mess – tidy up!

Declutter – despejar/organizar

A good way to declutter your wardrobe is to sell clothes you don’t wear.

Do the washing – hacer la colada

I forgot to do the washing yesterday and I don’t have any clean clothes!

Do the washing up – lavar los platos

My husband cooks and does the washing up.


  • Do the washing refiere a la ropa, no a los platos.
  • Dust, vacuum y mop son verbos y sustantivos – mop significa la fregona y pasar la fregona.


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