St. Andrew´s Day

The 30th of November is St. Andrew’s Day – the patron saint of Scotland. Scots (The Scottish) celebrate St. Andrew’s Day with traditional Scottish food such as Cullen skink, or lamb or haggis with neeps and tatties. They also take part in Ceilidhs – a traditional Scottish dance and recitals or story-telling. There are also cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions and museums and Edinburgh castle offer free entry.

Cullen skink is a Scottish soup made with potatoes, onions and smoked haddock (Cullen skink es una sopa tradicional escocesa hecha con patatas, cebolla y eglefino ahumado).

Haggis is made with sheep offal (liver, heart, lungs), oats, onions, herbs and spices and it is boiled inside the sheep’s stomach – it is similar to morcilla in texture and colour (parecido a morcilla en color y textura – se cuece dentro del estomago de la oveja las entrañas mezclado con avena, cebolla y especies).

Neeps and tatties is a side dish of mashed potato and mashed parsnip or turnip (es una guarnición de purée de patata y purée de chirivía o nabo).

You can watch some of this year’s St. Andrew’s Day events here: