Talking about books

As we celebrate World Book Day, here is some vocabulary which may be used when talking about books.

Nowadays many people prefer to read an e-book (libro electrónico) rather than a paperback (libro de bolsillo) or a hardback (libro de tapa dura).

When you are in a bookshop (librería) or a library (biblioteca) maybe you will flick through (hojear) the pages of the book you would like to buy or take out. You might have already read a good review (buena crítica) or maybe you’re a big reader (gran lector/a) who is always engrossed in (absorto en) a book and who reads books from cover to cover (de principio a fin).

If a book is very good, we say it is a page-turner (libro que no se puede dejar)and if, on the contrary, it is boring or difficult to read, we say it is heavy going (pesado).