Time to hit the books!

Summer is coming to an end and it´s time to hit the books with our new That’s English! course now including C1! Will you sail through the course and pass with flying colours or do you need to brush up on your grammar and go over the vocabulary after a long, lazy summer?

Welcome to That´s English! 2020-21 – we hope you will enjoy the new materials.

To hit the books = ponerse a estudiar en serio

It´s almost time to hit the books again as the new course begins.

 To sail through something = pasar algo sin problema

You´re a great student, I´m sure you´ll sail through the course this year.

 To pass with flying colours = aprobar con muy buena nota

I passed my English exam with flying colours! I´m so proud!

 Brush up on = repasar

I need to brush up on phrasal verbs – I´m not very good at using them!

Go over = repasar/revisar

It´s a good idea to go over your notes from the previous course before starting the next level.

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