World Teachers’ Day

Today is World Teachers’ Day! Can you remember your first teacher?

Here is some vocabulary about a teacher’s responsibilities, would you add anything else?

Mark (exams or homework) = corregir (exámenes o deberes)

Teachers often spend hours marking homework.

Lesson planning = planificación de clases/contenido

Lesson planning is important to make the most of class time.

Parents’ meetings = tutorías con padres

Each term the school has parents’ meetings to talk about the students’ progress.

 Give lessons = dar clases

My uncle is giving me piano lessons.

 Evaluate students = evaluar a los alumnos

It’s important to evaluate students on their class work and not just exams.

 Be a role model = ser un ejemplo a seguir

Children look to teachers as role models.

Nurture = educar / cultivar

How can teachers nurture independent thinking?

Encourage = animar/alentar

My first teacher always encouraged me to try new things.