Are you having a bad hair day?

We hope not, because if you are it means that everything is going wrong.

We also use the expression: get off on the wrong foot when things start badly (empezar con el pie izquierdo).

If you are simply feeling down because you’re back at the office after your holiday, we would say: Keep your chin up! (¡Ánimo!)

Other body idioms include:

To get cold feet = echarse atrás

She had accepted a job abroad but finally she got cold feet and turned it down.

To give somebody the cold shoulder = desairar a alguien

After the court case, the actor was given the cold shoulder by all the big studios.

Play it by ear = to improvise (improvisar)

I don’t like organising my holiday. I prefer to play it by ear each day, depending on the weather and how I feel.

But to play a musical instrument by ear, means to play without looking at a score = tocar de oído.

She was surprised to learn that the pianist always played by ear as he didn’t know how to read music.

And finally, off the top of your head means spontaneously (de bote pronto).

Off the top of my head, I’d say that the unemployment rate as gone down by 3% but I need to confirm that figure.