Brrr….it’s cold!

Do you know these expressions to talk about the cold weather? Can you think of any more?

We can use these expressions to say it’s cold:

It´s chilly!

It’s nippy!

Take a coat, it’s chilly/nippy outside!


It’s very cold:

It’s freezing!

Turn the heating up, it’s freezing in here!

It’s bitterly cold!

Brrr, it’s bitterly cold today – I think it might snow again!


It’s extremely cold:

It’s below zero!

I had to scrape the ice off my car this morning – it’s below zero and frosty*!

It’s arctic!

I’m going to stay in my pyjamas and watch a movie by the fire – it’s arctic outside!

*frosty = escarchado

Stay safe and be careful with the ice and snow!