Fear vocabulary!

To celebrate Halloween this Saturday (31st October) we bring you vocabulary to talk about fear:

To be afraid* (/scared/frightened) of…. – tener miedo de….

I’m afraid of spiders! (I’m scared/frightened of spiders!)

 To be scared/frightened – estar asustado

Let’s turn the lights on – I’m scared!

 To have a fear** of….. – tener miedo de…

I have a fear of heights!

Frighten/scare – dar miedo

You can’t scare/frighten me – it’s just a costume!

 To make someone jump – dar un susto

Horror movies always make me jump!

 To be terrified/petrified – Estar muy asustado/petrificado

I was walking home late at night and I thought that someone was following me – I was terrified!

 * Afraid es un adjetivo. No se puede usar como verbo ni sustantivo.

** Fear es un sustantivo. El adjectivo es fearful y es poco usado: I have fear o I am fear es incorrecto. El verbo fear es formal y su uso es un poco anticuado (I fear no one).