International Workers’ Day – 1st May

May Day or International Workers’ Day commemorates the struggles and gains made by workers over the years and is a public holiday (bank holiday) in over 80 countries. Some of the rights workers have fought for include: an 8-hour working day, paid holidays, paid sick leave, the minimum wage and occupational health and safety.

What do you think about working conditions nowadays? How have they improved and how could they be improved further?

Struggles = luchas

The daily struggles of miners included health problems, dangers such as explosions or falls and exhaustion.

Gains = ganancias

One of the most important gains of the trade unions was to end child labour.

A public holiday/ a bank holiday = un día festivo

1st May is a public holiday in the UK.

Paid sick leave = días renumeradas por enfermedad

Paid sick leave was introduced in the 1980s.

Minimum wage = salario mínimo

Many companies still pay minimum wage to their employees.

Occupational health and safety = salud y seguridad laboral

Occupational health and safety is very important in manual labour jobs.