Lose your mind

If you lose your mind, it means that you go crazy (volverse loco).

Other expressions with mind include:

To give someone a piece of one’s mind = regañar

The teacher gave the students a piece of his mind for arriving late for the exam.

The last thing on one’s mind = Lo que menos preocupa

I was so busy before Christmas that the last thing on my mind was buying presents.

Cross one’s mind = pasársele por la cabeza

It never crossed his mind that he had upset the boss when he told the joke.

Slip one’s mind = olvidarse

It completely slipped her mind that she had a dental appointment.

Have a one-track mind = ir a piñón fijo

He has a one-track mind, he’s only interested in body-building and spends every evening at the gym.

Be open-minded = tener la mente abierta

When I was a teenager, I nearly always did what I wanted as my parents were very open-minded.