Love is in the air…

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this Sunday (14th February), we bring you some love idioms. Can you think of any more?

Love at first sight = amor a primera vista

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Head over heels = enamoradísimo

Katy is head over heels with her new boyfriend – I’ve never seen her so in love!

Puppy love = amor de jóvenes

Look at those two! Isn’t puppy love so sweet?

A match made in heaven = hechos el uno para el otro

Tom and Rachel really are a match made in heaven! They are the perfect couple.

To have the hots for someone/to have a crush on someone = estar loco por

Jane has the hots for the new guy at the office! / Jane has a crush on the new guy at the office!

You can learn more about love and dating in B1.1 unit 9.