Prepositions of time

Do you know when we use IN, ON or AT to talk about time?

We use IN with: years, decades, months, seasons, centuries, parts of the day (except night) and periods of time (dentro de)

I was born in 1975.

My birthday is in March.

I love going skiing in the winter.

I´ll be ready in ten minutes!

 We use ON with: days of the week, dates and special days

I´m going on holiday on Saturday.

My son was born on 10th February, 2010.

Do you usually visit family on Christmas Eve?

 We use AT with: times of day, mealtimes, holiday periods and night, the moment and the weekend

I start work at 8am.

Call me at lunchtime – I´m busy now.

What are you doing at the weekend?

I always visit my family at Christmas and at Easter.

You can practise prepositions of time in Module 1 Unit 4B on this app!