Work vs. job

Work and job are easily confused, so here are some examples to show when each one is used:

Work = mental or physical activity (usually as a means to earn money)

Work is a verb:

I work from 9 am to 5 pm

She works for a multinational company.

And a noun (uncountable):

In the accounts department they always have a lot of work at end of the month.

As it is uncountable, it has no plural form. So:

“Esta semana tenemos que terminar dos trabajos” could translate as:

This week we have to finish two projects / assignments.

Work also refers to the place where a person is employed:

At the moment, she spends more time at work than at home.

Job (countable noun) = a paid position of employment = profession

The company is going to offer over 500 jobs.

What is your job? I am a doctor.

A job might be full-time (tiempo completo) or part-time (tiempo parcial)


Verbs that we use with job:

To look for a job – buscar trabajo

To apply for a job – solicitar un empleo

To get a job – conseguir un trabajo/empleo